Friday, May 22, 2015

Gender and family Life

Today in society, we consider people who are homosexuals to be normal, and part of the world. but what if there was a reason behind why they are now gay? this week, we in class we talked about gays. I don't want to offend anyone with what i'm saying here. this is just my personal opinion and feelings. One videos we were asked to watch prior to class talked about how a lot of people who consider themselves to be attracted to someone of the same gender had something happen when they were younger. it might have been abuse, or the absence of a parent of the same gender. The video also mentioned that if the person wanted help to basically change the way they felt for someone of the same gender to having feelings to someone of the opposite. society accepts people who are gay/ lesbian. there are obviously people who are firmly against it. i have a few friends who are gay/ lesbian, and i love them. When i heard about what causes people to be gay, it made me wonder what caused my friends to have these feelings. were they abused? were they alone? what is the reason behind this??

another thing we talked about in class this week was family life. everyone's relationship with their parents and siblings are different and unique. i know for me my relationship with my parents probably isn't the best but it works. its getting better. my relationship with my brother and sister varies on the day. one day we can be best friends and the next we are yelling at one another. each and everyone's relationship is unique to their family. One relationship in my life that is almost non-existent is with dads parents. They have always called on birthdays and wished me happy birthdays. they would send presents or cards with money. they were there for special events like baptisms, graduation and things like that. we would spend every other Christmas with them and when we weren't with them for Christmas they would either send presents, or money for my parents to get us presents from them. It wasn't until about a few months ago, that i realized that they don't know who i am or what i like. They were there but they weren't. On the other hand, my mom's parents know everything that going on in my life, from formal dances, to when i have a test. They are there for every swim meet, very choir concert, and every little thing that was important to us. they sat threw soccer games, dance recitals, school award assemblies, school plays, musicals. every activity they did they were there for me and my siblings. one question i always ask when i question why my grandparents don't try to get to know me is if any of my siblings feel the same way as i do about them.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

classmates blogs

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